Statement about competitions integrity & conflicts of interest.

The Australian Law Students' Association (ALSA) is committed to upholding high standards of integrity and transparency. We believe that transparency is key to maintaining the trust of our affiliates, and we are committed to openness and honesty. 

ALSA recognises the importance of having an impartial competitions subcommittee, to ensure a fair experience for all competitors. However, ALSA is run by students, for students. All members of the ALSA Competitions Subcommittee are current university students, and therefore have some level of affiliation with their respective universities. Many of the subcommittee members have even closer ties with their LSS/A, such as by holding positions on their LSS/As in the past or currently, competing or otherwise participating in their LSS/A’s internal competitions in the past or currently, and so on.

Despite the natural ties that the Competitions team members have with their universities, ALSA is committed to providing a fair playing field for all competitors. To this end, we have implemented measures to mitigate the risk of a conflict of interest in competitions, including:

  • Ensuring all subcommittee members sign Statements of Good Faith;
  • Restricting access to scoresheets to select subcommittee members;
  • Limiting subcommittee members’ communication with their respective LSS/As; and
  • Requiring disclosure by subcommittee members of potential conflicts of interest. 

These policies and procedures will ensure that any potential conflicts are managed appropriately. All subcommittee members have been warned that any violation of these restrictions will result in disciplinary action, potentially including removal from the competitions sub-committee or disqualification of their LSS/A’s competitors.

For any questions, please contact Grace, Vice-President (Competitions), at